Crop Scouting

Using state of the art drones and imaging sensors, we are able to create complete Orthomosaics of your field, displaying crop health, stand count, canopy cover, and even weed pressure. (crop health pictured above)

Crop Damage Assessment

Being able to assess crop damage from the air is an extremely powerful tool for  farmers and insurance companies. With new sensing technology we can now determine current damage and estimates potential yield loss in dollar values.   


Using a drone to inspect structures such as farm infrastructure, wind turbines, or cell phone towers can be much more efficient and safe for a company. 

Real Estate

High definition aerial photos can help give great perspective to the buyer and seller, and can easily assess parcels that are on the market.  


3D models and elevation can be generated of a complete job site to give contractors a virtual "walk through" of job site. 


Whether it is wind, hail, water, or fire damage it can be easily seen from the air and can have huge benefits when assessing damage. 

Professional Badges

Additional Services

Got a job for us that isn't listed? No problem. We are willing and ready to take on all new jobs and would love to work with you!